Monday, April 13, 2009


I am on a coupon-clipping frenzy right now. It consumes my evenings. I'm signing up on various coupon websites. And I'm learning to play the CVS Extra Care Bucks game. So far, so good. I'm still getting the hang of it. I thoroughly enjoy watching the cashier ring up my groceries and then watching the total drop after she/he scans my store card and coupons. I've even had a guy in line behind me ask for lessons on how to save money the way I did.

One of my favorite frugal bloggers is Perfectly Provident. She is the money-saving guru.

This is my newest obsession.


  1. I really need to go with Lisa and have her show this to me!!

  2. I think I need to go with Lisa, too. She's the queen of ECB.

  3. Lisa needs to have a class on this. My goodness women would be lining up at the door to take her class.