Monday, February 16, 2009


We went to a wedding this weekend in Reston, VA. It was a gorgeous wedding and reception. I didn't get to see much of the wedding because my daughter decided to start making "vrrm, vrrm" noises in the middle of the prayer so I hot-tailed it out of there. I brought a small bag of mini M&M's with us to keep her quiet and we ran out (it was just the little fun sized bag). So I gave her a car to play with. Apparently, that was a bad idea because it provoked the "vrrm, vrrm's". On another note, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the reception. The staff was nice enough to make her chicken tenders and french fries for dinner. The bride had a high chair out for her and a little gift bag set at the table. It was too cute. The gift bag had a stuffed animal, a box of crayons, and a little notebook with an 'A' on the front of it. She enjoyed her dinner and lots of dancing. The photographers fell in love with her. Here is a photo of the three of us at the reception. All-in-all their wedding was everything I wanted mine to be.

Not saying that my wedding was bad. I just wish I had a bigger budget for it (don't we all?!). Looking back, I would not have gotten married in a church. The only reason we did was because my husband's uncle is a Deacon at that church. We had originally planned to get married in September 2006 but moved it to January 7, 2006 when my fiancee (at the time) learned that he would be laid off during the winter. (He was working for a lawn care company.) I had planned to get married outside at Jefferson Patterson Park. Instead, we ended up in a Catholic church with a reception at the Elk's Lodge. Fancy, right? And I'm not saying the Elk's Lodge was a crap-chute. Because it wasn't. The food was good, the bar was open, and there was plenty of room for our 200+ guests. There aren't many options in this area for winter weddings. So I picked the cheapest and the biggest. I enjoyed our wedding day. It was fun and I will remember it forever. I wish I had interviewed more photographers. I went with one that two of my co-workers had used. I didn't get a single picture out of him that I truly loved. Actually, there was one - the cake smash photo - but I cannot hang that on my living room wall. So the picture hanging on the living room wall is a traditional photo. I'm half smiling and my husband isn't smiling at all. Oh well, live and learn, right?

We went to our neighbor's wedding in September. It was held at the old mansion overlooking a cove. The wedding was outside at the water's edge with the sunset behind the bride and groom. That was also a gorgeous wedding. Very non-traditional because the Maid of Honor was the bride's mother and the officiant was the groom's father.

Love is in the air.

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