Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Under my skin

There are just some things that get under my skin.

Today my sister was kind enough to take a merchandise credit I have for The Right Start and buy some things for me. I asked her to take it because the store is closing and it's well out of my way. It's nearly $60 on the card. So she goes in and picks out various things that I asked for and goes to check out and they won't let her use the merchandise credit because they've gone bankrupt. Well, I tried to use the card online before and they cancelled my order. And now I can't use the card in store. What am I supposed to do with it? $60 down the toilet I suppose. At least it wasn't my $60.

Another thing is when people blow things out of context. I merely point out that something that was rude and it turns into something totally stupid. This happened to me like three times today. I guess I need to stop pointing out rude things.

The next thing is when people ask when we are having more kids. Can I enjoy watching my daughter grow up and learn before I have another kid? Or is there something wrong with having just one child? Or how about we can't really can't afford it. Or our house is too small for 4 of us. Kids are so small but they take up a lot of room. Our daughter's toys fill her room and closet, part of the dining room (a toy box, a book shelf, a ride on toy, and a play kitchen), her rocking chair in the living room, her ride on pony is kept in the office, and there is a basket of toys in our bedroom.

This job gets under my skin. Period.

I'm tired. And rambling.

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