Friday, February 13, 2009


Just some things that I find odd about myself.

  • When I make my cup of coffee, I put the sweetener in first, then the cream, then the coffee and stir.
  • Same thing for hot tea less the cream (except for in some instances like Lady Grey and Irish Breakfast).
  • I prefer sugar in my tea and Steevia (like Truvia or PureVia) in my coffee.
  • When I sleep, I have to face the outside of the bed, I cannot face the middle.
  • I must have two pillows under my head and one on my side to sleep.
  • I prefer the TV volume to be set on an even number.
  • Peanut butter is the worlds greatest food. I eat some everyday.
  • I get ready in this order: Shower, clean nose ring, make-up, hair, dressed, deodorant, teeth.
  • I hate talking on the phone and I probably won't call you back.
  • I usually eat all of one type of food on my plate before moving on to the others. For example, if I have chicken, noodles, and broccoli. I will typically eat the chicken first, then the noodles, and then the broccoli.
  • I hate washing dishes and will wait until both sides of the sink are full before doing them. Maybe that's just lazy.
  • When I was clothes I wash the colors first, then the towels, then the whites, then my daughters clothes.
  • I wait until all of the clothes are washed and dried before I fold and put them away.

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  1. Hi Shelley,
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I truly enjoy yours. Thus far, I get the feeling you tell it exactly as it is and have strength in character. (Rare in one so young or old!) I love your quirks, I'm a bit quirky too...look forward to reading more of your adventures. And I so agree that being a mother is tops and trumps all. Oh-and waiting on the dishes is not lazy, it just means you have more important things to do! Take care-