Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth

Here it is, Friday the Thirteenth. And there is another Friday the Thirteenth next month. The last Friday the Thirteenth was in June. That was the day my mother-in-law had a stroke. It was the scariest day since I became a mother. My daughter was in her care and she was having a stroke. Luckily, I only work 2 miles from my in-laws home. I was able to call the ambulance for her and be there with her. At the time the stroke happened, my daughter was napping. That was a total blessing. I was so afraid. Thankfully, my mother-in-law made a full recovery in a short 6 weeks. She still has trouble with her handwriting but other than that, she's good.

My mother-in-law and I have always had a rocky relationship. Right now we are on the up and have been on the up (for the most part) since my daughter was born. I guess my daughter is the golden ticket. Prior to me marrying her son, she told me that I was only after his money and his car. At the time she told me that, he didn't have a job and his car was in need of a new transmission. Ironic. Hilarious, actually.

I guess Friday the Thirteenth will always scare the crap out of me. I ended up sleeping on my husband's side of the bed last night and when his alarm went off this morning at 3:30, I turned it off. I shot out of bed at 4:30 and he was pissed at me. Our daughter proceeded to wake up at 4:35 and she was inconsolable. I think she's teething so I gave her Motrin, a cup of milk, and a Nutrigrain bar. It worked and she was back in bed before 5:00. So it's been a rocky start to the day... which happens to be Friday the Thirteenth

My husband and I were talking about remodeling our home last night. I thought the plan was to move out of that house before our daughter started Kindergarten. I'm alright with staying there. I wish I knew what the future held so I can decide on which area I should concentrate my job search on. Although, the economy sucks so I'm stuck in this hell hole until things start looking better. And here I am at work again, pretending to work. I'm listening to other people talk about accounting and paying invoices so I'm just looking busy. It takes a lot of will power to come here everyday. I have no idea how much longer I can do it. But I have to.

Looks like another beautiful day. I hope it's nice out when we get home tonight, so we can go for a walk or play in the yard. We have a wedding to go to this weekend and we will be spending the night. It should make for a fun time. I love weddings.

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