Wednesday, March 18, 2009


A little background - I've been an employee here for 4 years. The assistant has been here for 3 years. The other employees have been here for 10+ years. Our receptionist was fired back in October. The other assistant left in August because her husband was transferred to England. Neither positions were replaced. So we are two employees short.

Currently - something must be going on with the owner of this company. It's got to be something at home and he comes to work and takes it out on us. He picks up on the smallest things that are wrong and totally escalates them beyond belief. We've got one client who missed a payment and apparently that is our fault. This whole stupid situation has EVERYONE in our department involved. Even though we shouldn't be. This morning he made a comment about "the shit hitting the fan around here". WTF? Like I want to come to work and have you yell at me.

Also, a co-worker has to go out for a minimum of 2 weeks for surgery. She told him on Monday. The first thing he says to her is "When will you be able to work from home?" Not "Are you alright?" or "Are you going to be OK?" or "I'm sorry you have to have surgery."

Last week the owner made a comment about me "making a shitload of money". Um excuse me. I don't make a "shitload" of money. If something was to happen to James, my income would ONLY cover my house payment and truck payment. Nothing else. Not even food or electric. Or insurance. Or anything.

I cannot take the attitude anymore. I would rather work 80 hours a week at McDonalds than work here.

I don't know how much longer me, the assistant, and the other gal who needs surgery is going to make it. It is taking every single thing in me to not walk out of here right now and never look back.

I am fired up.

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