Friday, February 20, 2009


People are pissing me off today.

I guess I just got really irritated starting yesterday afternoon. A co-worker had a comment to make about every little thing. And I mean everything. I seriously just wanted to scream at her and tell her to shut up. But I refrained. Then my daughter and I went to dinner with some friends and we had horrible service. The server tried to charge my friend $15 for some chips and queso. Seriously, I can go to the grocery store and get an a few bags of chips and a case of cheese for $15. There were also mystery charges for multiple sodas and juices that we didn't order. Then the server had the nerve to argue with us about the charges. The food was excellent but the service was horrible. I won't be going there again.

I seriously need to cut down on the amount of caffeine I am consuming. I notice I get the shakes mid-day but if I don't have any caffeine, I get a horrendous headache. Catch 22, I suppose.

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  1. Ahh the thing with the caffeine is that if you wean yourself from it the headaches and shakes will eventually disappear!