Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I cannot believe the weather lately.

Just two weekends we had 13 inches of snow on the ground. The week after the weather was just simply beautiful. This weekend the weather was like summer - it was actually HOT outside. No jacket or layering required. Sunglasses and flip flops were a must. Had my legs been shaved, I would have worn capri's. Yesterday was somewhat chilly but not unmanageable at 45°F. Today is it around 78°F. This is just insane! Tonight it is supposed to drop down into the 30's, be in the 40's tomorrow and Friday, and the 50's over the weekend.

This is why everyone around me, myself and daughter included, are constantly sick and congested.

You never know how to dress. Or which coat to wear. Or what kind of shoes you need. I leave some boots in the car just in case it snows. The ice scraper and the umbrella is kept in the car, too.

Anyway, I'll be thankful for the warm weather and grin and bear it during the not-so-pleasant weather.

I cannot wait for Spring!

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  1. Uhgg its crazy isn't it? The kids loved it today, but my head was pounding the whole time!